Jobs in Queenstown


Jobs in Queenstown

Working for AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand is an incredible opportunity to be part of a unique New Zealand brand and an internationally renowned tourism operator, not to mention working with a fun, adventurous & original group of people.

Positions are highly competitive as we take pride in having the best and hardest working team in the industry, so only those with a valuable & innovative contribution to make to our company need apply. Please see below for current jobs in Queenstown:

Positions Available:

Photo and Video Operator:

We are currently recruiting for a Photo and Video Operator: your role is to capture that once in a lifetime moment for thousands of our brave customers who choose to take the plunge. You will be working with a team who will be able to train and teach new skills so if you have a background in photography or live video editing then send your cover letter and cv to  and if possible


Retail Sales person:

We are looking for someone who has a passion for retail sales; you must have previous experience working in a fast paced sales enviroment. This role can be a feast and then famine with how crazy busy you can get so it takes a special person who can understand how customers can flow and be able to rise to every occassion and opportunity.

This is not a "feeder" position into different parts of our business, we don't want tyres kickers and wannbe just masters - we want someone who gets sales and the satifaction of helping someone select items from our store...if this is your role then send your cover letter and CV to


Frontline Sales person:

When it comes to first impressions and having an impact on a customers experience then this is the role, we want a big personality that can work as part of a team and connect with our customers. It is a sales role but your able to do it with your style and personality, this is a job at AJ Hackett Bungy - we don't do boring! Send your cover letter and CV to and be warned if you send the same cv that you have sent to 100 other business it will end up in the circular filing cabinet beneath my desk. I want your cover letter to make me laugh and be memorable...anything less is going to end up as land fill!

All these positions are based in Queenstown only.



If you would like to send a cover letter and cv for any other roles that may come up in the future then please send them to ; your cv will be kept on our database for one month. 

All new crew will be required to undergo  a pre employment drug screening test.