Jobs in Queenstown


Jobs in Queenstown

Working for AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand is an incredible opportunity to be part of a unique New Zealand brand and an internationally renowned tourism operator, not to mention working with a fun, adventurous & original group of people.

Positions are highly competitive as we take pride in having the best and hardest working team in the industry, so only those with a valuable & innovative contribution to make to our company need apply. Please see below for current jobs in Queenstown:

Positions Available:


Jump Operator/Bus Driver

We are looking for a someone to join our team and be trained as a jump operator into becomming a Jump Master, this is a two year process so only those with NZ residency, citizenship or be an Australian should apply. This person must hold a current P class license and you will need to be fit and able to perform duties at height. If this sounds like your ideal role than send your cv and cover letter to 

Sales Supervisor and C&I Coordinator

We are recruiting for a Junior Sales Supervisor - C&I Coordinator to work at the world home of bungy the Kawarau Bridge, this role would be suitable for someone with previous experince in supervisng teams and also with managing events. You will need to be great at multi tasking, managing people, working in stressful enviroments and with multiple contractors. If you have previous experience in these roles and are a NZ or Australian citizen/resident then please send your cover letter and cv to

Sales Supervisor

We are looking for somone who has managed teams before and has the expreinece of overseeing a business that has multiple revenue streams and products, you must have fantastic sales skills and be able to lead/train others to perform at a high level. This role is based at the Kawarau Bridge - the world home of bungy. If you have the right previous experience and are a NZ or Australian citizen/resident then please send your cover letter and cv to

Sales Jedi

We are not looking for another sales person, we want someone who has the sales power of a jedi, someone who can  upsell in their sleep, someone who could broker peace in the middle east, someone who could walk up to a stranger and make them feel at ease (but not in a creepy way!) someone who could sell a steak to a vegetarian, somone who is absolutely bloody awesome at selling!!!! if this is you then send your cover letter and cv to



If you would like to send a cover letter and cv for any other roles that may come up in the future then please send them to ; your cv will be kept on our database for one month.


All new crew will be required to undergo  a pre employment drug screening test.