Jobs in Queenstown


Jobs in Queenstown

Working for AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand is an incredible opportunity to be part of a unique New Zealand brand and an internationally renowned tourism operator, not to mention working with a fun, adventurous & original group of people.

Positions are highly competitive as we take pride in having the best and hardest working team in the industry, so only those with a valuable & innovative contribution to make to our company need apply. Please see below for current jobs in Queenstown:

Positions Available:

Jump Operator/Zipride Supervisor

We are looking for somone to supervise our zipride team and then work part time in our bungy jump ops team. If you have experience in either of these products then please send us your cv and  cover letter to


Photo and Video Operator

We are looking for an experienced photographer to join our team, if you have an eye for detail and can take a great shot than send your coverletter, cv and images to


Cafe Supervisor

This outstanding individual will be responsible for the daily running of our one and only cafe located at the Kawarau Bridge! If you are a fun loving professional with relevant experience/qualifications, then we need you! Please send your cover letter and CV to


If you would like to send a cover letter and cv for any other roles that may come up in the future then please send them to ; your cv will be kept on our database for one month.

All safety sensitive areas of employment will undergo drug testing prior to employment; these areas are Jump Operations, Zipride Operations, Drivers, and Frontline Sales positions.