Jobs in Queenstown


Jobs in Queenstown

Working for AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand is an incredible opportunity to be part of a unique New Zealand brand and an internationally renowned tourism operator, not to mention working with a fun, adventurous & original group of people.

Positions are highly competitive as we take pride in having the best and hardest working team in the industry, so only those with a valuable & innovative contribution to make to our company need apply. Please see below for current jobs in Queenstown:


Positions Available:


 Photo and Video Sales Jedi  

We are looking for a big personality that is not afraid to get up and scream look at me! This is not for your...yawn...standard sales person role, we won't someone who has a spark about what they do, that has a genuine interest in what people achieve, that can approach a total stranger and put them at ease (not in a creepy way, or with the use of illegal drugs). If you think you have the skills that could sell Donald Trump as the next President then we are definately looking for you!

Please send us a cover letter that is amazing, if I see one more that says ...I am a people person and I can work by myself or in a team and I'm trust worthy and hardworking blah blah blah - boring...I am going to file it directly into the circular filing cabinet beneath  my desk. This is a big ass sales role so sell yourself - we are AJ Hackett Bungy and we don't do standard or boring so wow me!  Send me your cover letter and CV to


Photographer and Video editor 

We have a role availble for a fulltime phtographer/video editor. Our business is unique and so are the skills required so if you have the basics we can teach you the rest, our team are the best in the world at what we do sio you will receive excellent training. Send a cover letter and cv with some of your best action shots to