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  • How do combos work?
    Combos are a great way to take things up a notch. When booking a combo, all experiences are usually completed on the same day. But we can sometimes schedule combo experiences across multiple days if you prefer. Keep in mind: When booking a combo, all experiences must be completed by the same person.
  • It's raining, will my experience be cancelled?
    We operate in most weather conditions including rain. If we have to stop operating due to the weather, we will do our best to reschedule you. If we are not able to do so, you will be fully refunded. And anyway, swinging or bungying in the snow or rain just means extra bragging rights 👍
  • I'm a senior, do I get a discount?
    Yes! All of our activities are FREE to anyone over the age of 75. Just give our Res Team a call and they will get you booked in. Limited spaces available. Ts & Cs apply.
  • I want to go tandem, can I?
    Yes, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy and the Auckland Harbour Bridge are the only 2 tandem Bungy options. And the Nevis Swing can also be done tandem. The maximum combined weight at the Kawarau is 235kg, the Taupo Bungy and Swing is 180kg, and the Auckland Bungy is 150kg. There cannot be more than a 30kg difference between the weight of the two jumpers for all bungy jumps. Please note that other considerations will be taken into account on the day such as height difference and the weather, so we cannot guarantee until the day of your jump that you will be able to do it tandem. However, we will work with you to ensure that you are taken care of.
  • Does a Thrillogy or any of your other combos have to be completed in one day?
    No. You have up to 30 days to complete all combo activities.
  • Is the gondola included for the Ledge Bungy?
    Unfortunately, we do not include the Gondola ticket in the price of the Ledge Bungy or the Ledge Swing.
  • Do I need to book ahead?
    We strongly suggest to all customers that they book at least 48hrs in advance for all activities to ensure that they secure a time and date that best suits them.
  • Can I drive myself?
    Yes and no... you can drive to the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, located on SH6 in the Gibbston Valley, just 25 minutes from Queesntown, to the Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy Base in the Westhaven Reserve, just 10 minutes from downtown Auckland, and to Taupō Bungy and Swing located at 202 Spa Road. The Ledge Bungy Site is only accessible via the Gondola or the Skyline access walking track. The Nevis site is strictly 4WD private access road only, so you must ride on our buses.
  • Can my friends and family come watch me?
    Absolutely! All of our sites have the capacity to host spectators too, depending on which site it is, there can be costs associated with spectating. See individual site pages for details.
  • Can I touch the water?
    Although we cannot always guarantee a water touch due to reasons outside our control, we can offer this option at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy and the Auckland Bridge Bungy.
  • What is the difference between a swing and a bungy?
    A bungy jump utilises our custom made Bungy Cords - after freefalling the cord stretches out to allow you to bounce a few times in an adrenalin fuelled but safe manner. Whilst our swing attaches to you via wire cables and the swing rope. Swingers never bounce, after a short freefall the wire or rope catches you and the sensation is the same as a rollercoaster- and you will swing in a massive arc. Which one is the biggest? At a whopping 134 metres, the Nevis Bungy is the highest bungy jump in Australasia.
  • What are the weight/height restrictions for a bungy, swing, zip and climb?
    The weight restrictions vary by product; here are a list of the minimum and maximum weights. There are no height restrictions on bungy jumping or swinging, but all customers must fit the harness correctly.
    Kawarau Bridge Bungy - 35kg min/235kg max
    Kawarau Zipride - 35kg min/150kg max
    Nevis Bungy - 45kg min/127 kg max
    Nevis Swing - 35kg min/220 kg max
    Nevis Catapult - 45kg min/127 kg max
    Ledge Bungy - 35kg min/127 kg max
    Ledge Swing - 35kg min/107 kg max
    Taupō Bungy - 35kg min/150kg max
    Taupō Swing - 30kg min/150kg max
    Auckland Bridge Bungy - 35kg min/150 kg max
    Auckland Bridge Climb - 35kg min/150kg max
    Auckland SkyWalk - 30kg min/127 kg max
    Auckland SkyJump - 30kg min/122 kg max
  • What age do I have to be to bungy jump or swing?
    All bungy jumpers and swingers must be at least 10 years old AND 35kgs EXCEPT for the Nevis Bungy, where you must be at least 13 years old AND 45kgs.
  • I've bungy jumped before, can I get a discount?
    Yes - if you're a repeat customer of AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand or AJ Hackett International, you are eligible for 20% off future activities. Give our Res Team a call or jump on live chat if you'd like to book. Note: Combos are excluded from this offer (as they're already discounted).
  • What if I'm impacted by Covid-19?
    Cancel just 4 hours before your activity if you're impacted by Covid-19 and get a full refund.


  • What options are available for purchasing my photos & video?
    Your photos and video are currently available to purchase digitally only. We provide you with a link to our online portal with unlimited downloads and access. Meaning you can download your content onto your device, and whack it straight on the ‘gram! To find our current pricing and to purchase your photos and video, jump into our booking engine, choose your activity and select your photo & video package as an 'Add-On' at the end.
  • Can I purchase content from my activity at a later date?
    Yes! We keep all photos and videos for a few years (except Zipride P&V which is kept for 6 months). However, as our photo and video systems have been upgraded over time, you will need to check with us first to ensure we still have your media. Just flick us an email on [email protected] and tell us which activity you did and when you completed it.
  • Can I purchase my photos and videos before my activity?
    Easy! You can save time after your activity by pre-purchasing your photos & videos online. Simply hit BOOK, lock in your activity and add your photos & video at the end. You can also speak to our Crew when you check-in for your activity.
  • What size is my video?
    The size of your video will depend on which activity you are doing, how long you take on the edge, and how many cool-as-hell slow-mo replays we can fit in. The average is around 200mb per video
  • What size are my digital photos?
    Your activity photos average anywhere between 1-4 megabytes, depending on the photos composition and colour palette. Your photos are shot on Canon or Nikon cameras, depending on the site/activity, in medium, “normal” jpg format. They can be printed A3 and will look great! We cannot provide the RAW format straight off the cameras, as they are simply too large to process in a timely manner for the volume of customers we have.
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