The incredible crew members of AJ Hackett Bungy are the beating hearts of our experiences that pump adventure and fun into each of our 13 adrenaline-pumping activities across six locations in New Zealand. As much as our customer’s rave about our team, it’s also about the experience that our team gets from us while working for the bungy originals! 

Bungy in New Zealand attracts all kinds of crew with their own strengths, but all embody the Live More Fear Less attitude in their own way. While you’re part of the bungy family you’ll be working alongside extremely fun, like-minded people that you look forward to spending the day with. No matter the role you play in the journey, working at our sites means you’ll help people overcome fears and do things they never thought they could. 

If you’re interested in joining the crew, here’s an FAQ on everything you want to know about working for AJ Hackett Bungy in New Zealand. 

Do I have to work in Queenstown to work for AJ Hacket Bungy? 

No way! We have six locations across the country with two of those being in Auckland and two in Taupō. Each site is completely unique with their own activities, roles, and lifestyle that may appeal to you. Whether you’re looking for big city lights or lakeside living, our bungy locations outside of Queenstown are just as thrilling to work at. 

I’m not the best with heights but I love the bungy vibe. Can I still work for a bungy jumping company? 

Absolutely. With a range of roles and diverse team at bungy, you can definitely find a role that suits you, whether that’s working at heights or not! We have talented photographers, video operators, tour guides, transport drivers, and frontline customer service crew that all operate at different distances from the ground. Each role plays a vital role in the smooth operation and customer journey. 

“I’ve been working at Bungy for a total of 5 years (and I don’t plan on leaving!) I started off as a naive intern from Queenstown Resort College (QRC) who was absolutely terrified of heights at the time, but since then AJ Hackett Bungy has helped me grow as an individual and a professional tenfold.” -Yoosuf, Customer Service crew member. 

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Can a job with AJ Hackett help me progress in my career and training? 

Yes. Working for Bungy can provide upskilling to the max for motivated and keen team members.  

Whether you arrive with prior experience or not, you can earn rope skills qualifications, water rescue and competency training, first aid and Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) qualification, a Passenger Endorsement on your driver’s license, content creation and marketing training, and upskilling in photography and videography. 

If you’re particularly interested in the operations side of bungy jumping and looking to stick around for a few years, you could also work toward a world-recognised Jump Masters qualification that involves exams on the legally enforced Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping. 

As for progressing in the company, we are all for raising you up to your full potential and supporting you on your journey to the top. We have had jump operators progress to become the General Manager (AKA big dog) across multiple sites. It’s all about how far you’d like to leap! 

“In 2022 I joined the Creator Programme. Being a content creator, it gives me the chance to showcase how beautiful our site, our workplace culture, and our customers are. I love interacting with the different cultures that walk into our site, encouraging them to live more and fear less.” -Dawn, Creator Programme team member at Taupō Bungy.

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What if I am moving to New Zealand from overseas?

Crew looking to relocate to New Zealand permanently do have the opportunity to earn New Zealand residence through their employment with Bungy.

What are the perks of working for bungy?

How much time do you have? When you work with a bunch of your newest mates, it makes out of office time even more fun with opt-in social club events partly subsidized by Bungy. We also offer long-service benefits for those that just love to stick around for three, five, even 10+ years! The biggest perk (in our biased opinion) is the people you’re surrounded with, both customers and crew, while helping people do things they never thought they could. 

“My life at AJ Hackett actually started out as the cleaner at the World Home of Bungy! The things we’ll do for a visa!…Amongst many other objectives and projects, I’ve become a project leader designing, building and installing our new photo and video system; EpicShot, which could lead to more adventures along the way! The best part of it all is the crew, the people we work with, the parties we have and incredible memories I’ll never forget.” -Geoff, Photo and Video crew.
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Still have a few questions about starting your career at bungy? Contact us at [email protected]