Queenstown Experiences

Queenstown is the 'World Home of Adventure', according to pretty much everyone. If you want to jump off something, swing off something, or be flung through the air by something, it’s the place to be. Strap up at the World Home of Bungy, the Kawarau Bungy Centre, freestyle it up at the Ledge, or stare fear in the face out at the Nevis Playground.


Deals - AJ Hackett

Deals - AJ Hackett


Deals - AJ Hackett

Deals - AJ Hackett


The Nevis Thrillogy

Go big or go home! Take on all 3 activities at the Nevis Playground in one day and feel like a total legend!

Nevis Catapult and Kawarau Bungy Combo

This is the stuff legends are made of! Try out the original Kawarau Bungy and our newest creation - the Nevis Catapult all in the same day for one sweet price!

Nevis Catapult and Nevis Bungy Combo

Drop everything – our highest bungy and the World's First Catapult are now available for you take on at the same time.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy and Zipride

This is vertical meets horizontal. Let gravity bring you face to face with the river with our iconic Kawarau Bridge Bungy, the World Home of Bungy.

Nevis Swing and Kawarau Bungy Combo

Take on the giant swing at our Nevis Playground, followed by an iconic jump at Kawarau Bungy Centre. Two activities, for one great price.

Nevis Bungy and Kawarau Bungy Combo

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy and Nevis Bungy combine for a day in Queenstown you’re never going to forget.

Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing

Tackle the Nevis Bungy and Swing at the same time for one tasty price. Not literally at the same time, though. Basic physics won’t allow it.

queenstown SITES

Nevis Playground

If you want to put a swagger in your step, we’ve got three heart-stopping ways to do it. This includes Australasia's highest bungy, one of the most devilishly extreme swings ever devised, and the biggest human catapult in the world. Do ‘em all, if you dare.


Kawarau Bungy Centre

It’s a classic for a reason – this is the ‘World Home of Bungy’, and the place we also call home. Nowhere else in the world will get you up close and personal with the bungy phenomenon quite like the Kawarau Bungy Centre, whether you’re there to watch or give it a go yourself.