AJ Hackett Bungy and our crew are no strangers to getting in behind the important issues and causes that support our environment, communities, and bungy family. Anything that we as a company can do to amplify voices and raise awareness or funds, we’re going to give it a good go in our typical bungy style. 

This March, one signature hairstyle had its time to flow long and free for a good cause; the mullet. 



The root 

Through The Mullet Matters campaign, the Mental Health Foundation aimed to start kōreros about mental health and raise money for continued access to free downloadable resources for those who need them. 

In the last year, the Mental Health Foundation distributed 778,589* free mental health resources to schools, workplaces, healthcare centres and mental health advocates. Another 426,559* resources were downloaded for free from their website.

These resources are clinically sound, based on lived experience, and created for all. They can be used to support yourself, or someone you care about – especially when it’s difficult to find the words.

March was for the mullets in an effort to raise money to keep these vital resources free for the one in five Kiwis who will need them, and AJ Hackett Bungy did our best to grow this initiative!

The follicle

On March 23rd, a special ‘Hack it’ stand popped up at the Kawarau Bungy Centre. The stand reemerged after its debut appearance at Snowmachine 2023, offering a fresh mullet haircut (performed by a professional we promise) in exchange for a gold coin donation to the Mental Health Foundation. 

During the Saturday afternoon a whopping 10 people, both bungy crew and some epic members of the public, received a haircut for the cause raising $115; that’s a lot of coinage! Crew member Chris was the first to visit the Hack It stand and led the way for others to embrace their new unique look. With no two hairdos looking the same, it raises a fitting segway into the conversation around each person’s journey through life and mental health; everyone’s Mullet can look different, just like how everyone’s mental health can look different



The whole strand
The Mental Health Foundation continues to work towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing. Alongside this, AJ Hackett Bungy NZ will always advocate for more check-ins with your mates and open conversations about mental health, both within our crew and in our wider community. 

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*Source: https://themulletmatters.co.nz/thechallenge