Decades ago, a couple of crazy Kiwis by the names of AJ Hackett and Henry Van Asch developed a method that allowed them to leap off very high things with a bouncy cord tied to their ankles, bungy jumping. The irresistible adrenaline bug caught quickly, and bungy jumping was soon brought to the masses.

The history of commercial bungy jumping began with Henry Van Asch’s –  AJ Hackett Bungy in New Zealand and later on, AJ Hackett’s International sites, but has since spread worldwide to some of the most incredible and extreme locations. We’re here to weigh in with an expert opinion about which bungy locations around the world should be highest on your bucket list (in no particular order). 

While not all of the sites listed are AJ Hackett owned & operated, they do share the Live More Fear Less way of life that makes us one big adrenaline-fueled family! The most obvious tell-tale difference between AJ Hackett sites and other jumps around the world is the odd spelling – bungy / bungee! 

Naturally, the first to be mentioned is the very first commercial bungy jump in the world. If you’re after an authentic Kiwi adrenaline experience, you can’t get much closer than the World Home of Bungy. The Kawarau Bungy Centre is a hub of excitement with a 43-metre leap, the Kawarau Zipride, a huge spectator deck, cafe and bar, and a general electric energy accompanied by the rushing sound of the Kawarau River. The site is easy to reach from central Queenstown with a transport option or park your own car in the spacious car park; this also counts for overnight stays in a campervan, a hugely popular option in New Zealand’s South Island. 

You can discover the limits of your fear at this 61-metre bungy while also discovering a historic French structure built by Gustave Eiffel in the 19th century, the engineer whose metal work company built the Eiffel Tower. Leaping from such a picturesque stone structure in the French countryside can only be made better with a complementing swing or zipline also located at the site. Check their operating schedule throughout the different seasons so you don’t miss out. 

If you’re considering a bungy because you’re chasing that adrenaline surge around the world, we bet you already know which bungy jump is the highest in the world! Go big or go home. With an unbelievable 260-metre leap from a glass bridge that’s 430 meters in length, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee is the mecca of big, bad bungys. The location itself features a stunning bird’s eye view of Zhangjiajie National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you’ll be able to appreciate the canyon’s beauty from both on the bridge and dangling below it. 

  1. Whistler Bungee
    Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. 

While you’re shredding the largest ski resort in North America, Whistler Blackcomb, make sure you reserve a day of your itinerary for a different sort of adrenaline fix. The Whistler Bungee is a unique site set amongst basalt cliffs, quintessential Canadian forest, and a glimpse of Black Tusk peak in the landscape. The site also offers the chance to leap off a bridge during a dumping of snow OR during a stunning British Columbia summer; the seasons may change but the heart-stopping feeling of a 50-metre bungy jump over a glacier-fed is always as good. 

Sentosa Island, Singapore. 

AJ Hackett Bungy International site

Sentosa Island is an oasis of fun and excitement for Singapore visitors; amusement parks, beachside resorts, waterparks, ziplining, and bungy jumping is a short bridge away! Set on the stunning Siloso Beach, Skypark Sentosa has tropical surroundings where anyone can choose their level of action, from beach lounger to bungy jumper. Opting for a pool water dip during your bungy is recommended! A stop at Skypark Sentosa is great to combine with other action activities on the island or the perfect half-day trip while you explore everything mainland Singapore has to offer. 

Panglang, Nepal.

Leaving from Kathmandu, The Last Resort is a falsely foreboding name for one of the best hidden gems in Nepal for adrenaline junkies! If you’re frozen on the bungy platform, you’ll have no shortage of views while you take a few deep breaths; stunning greenery all around and one of the wildest rivers in Nepal below. There are also other activities at the resort to add the cherry on top including a canyon swing, canyoning, and rafting, making this a bucket list moment to add to your trip.

Victoria Falls, Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

If you’re looking for the ‘wow’ factor, this is everything and more. With the world-famous Victoria Falls as your backdrop and the Zambezi River singing you a tune, getting louder as you free-fall, this is definitely a priority bungy location for any adrenaline fanatics or travelers who would like to experience one of the world’s highest waterfalls in a completely unique way. 

Cairns, Australia. 

AJ Hackett Bungy International site

Free-fall 50m straight down in another world we call ‘down under’. Nestled in a rainforest setting in Far North Queensland is Australia’s only bungy jump. You may be in the area to visit the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef or making a special trip to conquer your fears, but either way this is a special bungy to have under your belt. You can also choose to beat the heat with a water dunk – all is well, they check the pool for crocodiles once a month day.

Queenstown, New Zealand. 

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand site

If you’re going to tick off the first commercial bungy jump ever at the Kawarau Bridge, you might as well tackle the highest jump in New Zealand while you’re in our neighbourhood. Accomplish the daunting yet thrilling 134m jump from a suspended pod into the vast Nevis Valley, the river merely a thin trickle in the distance below. It’s also very easy to throw in the other two must-do activities on offer in the Nevis Playground that can be combined for a full-day of adventure from Queenstown, the Nevis Swing and a human catapult.  

Corinth Canal, Greece. 

The masterminds behind the Zulu Bungy jump were the pioneers of bungy jumping in Greece in 1991. This site is inside one of the most visually striking and unique locations you can think of; a canal with sheer cliffs leading down to a strip of turquoise water. With plenty of experience under their belt, the Zulu Bungy team have perfected the recipe for a great time. 

Beyond these top 10 bungy locations, there are so many more bungy jumps across the globe in both weird and wonderful places. Push yourself to live more and fear less as you tick off your worldwide bucket list, we guarantee it will be one of the best travel stories you bring home!