So, you’ve booked yourself in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with AJ Hackett bungy in New Zealand? If you’re staring blankly at the confirmation email with a pounding heart and just a small twinge of regret, that’s totally normal! In fact, your upcoming activity is going to bring up a whole rollercoaster of new emotions and questions. Some are all part of the package, but some uncertainty can certainly be addressed to give you more confidence in the lead up to visiting our site. 

Here’s a few handy hints on how to prepare for an AJ Hackett Bungy activity in New Zealand, what to bring, and tips for having the best time imaginable. 

Getting there

It’s important to double check you know which site your activity is based and how to get there, especially if you’re new to the area!  

Some activities offer transport options to make this part a lot easier. If you decide to catch a ride, also double check where your transport leaves from! The Auckland Bridge Bungy and Climb has a transport van that leaves from the Sky Tower in the Auckland CBD, and both the Kawarau Bridge and Nevis Playground have a bungy bus that can pick you up from central Queenstown. 

Please note: if you’re heading to the Nevis Playground for a bungy, swing or catapult, the transport is required and included in your booking as the journey there is a winding backcountry road and crosses over private land. 

Check-in process

Part of being prepared for your experience is knowing what to expect when you first interact with our amazing crew. No matter where you start your journey, you’ll begin by checking in with our frontline staff. This will involve signing a safety waiver, being weighed on scales and your weight written on your hand for multiple safety checks, and being fitted for a harness soon after check in or after your transport ride. 

At some sites, your support crew will also need to check in, so ensure they meet the minimum age, height and weight requirements depending on your activity. Reach out to our contact centre or website live chat if you have any questions about this. 

What to bring

For the most part, come as you are to the site! Whatever extra gear you bring can be kept safe with lockers and other safe places to leave your belongings during your activity. In terms of special things to bring for during your activity, we have a few ideas!

  • Personal Gopro or action camera (depending on your activity)
    We have amazing photo and video options that capture your jump or swing with unreachable angles. However, if you’re committed to also filming your own video, you are able to bring your own action camera at some sites. You need to securely attach it to your body and ensure it sits close to your person (not on a very long stick).
    Here’s a list of sites that DO NOT allow personal action cameras for safety reason:
    – Skyjump, Auckland
  • Comfortable clothing
    Keep in mind that you’re going to be upside, swinging around, and possibly exposed to wind! Whatever you’re comfortable wearing in those conditions and whatever may possibly be exposed, go for it. Any amount of clothing or lack thereof is totally fine on our sites, but we don’t want you to risk any accidental exposure!
  • Closed toe, secure shoes
    If we had a dollar for every loose shoe that flew off mid-air, we could start our own currency! Ensure you’re wearing (or bring with you) shoes that can be laced up or tightened to avoid a barefoot walk of regret. Also, most sites require you wear sturdy closed toe shoes for safety reasons, so ensure they tick this box too. 
  • Reusable water bottle
    We aim to be as kind as possible to the environment around us. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle rather than buying single-use during your activity. If you’re heading to the Kawaru Bungy Centre cafe, you are also encouraged to bring a keep cup for your coffee. 

Preparing your mindset

Many once-in-a-lifetime experiences that stay with you forever are embedded in your memory by very strong emotions. Maybe more than one. Our crew and activities are designed to test the limits of your fear, courage, and mental strength in order to receive one of the greatest adrenaline rushes possible. It’s all up to you. You will need to live more and fear less, but we promise that you are capable of doing things you never thought you could. 

To prepare for this adventure, we suggest trawling through our AJ Hackett Bungy social media to get an idea of what to expect and how full on it might be. Our activities often aren’t easy; overcoming your fears can take some mental preparation but it’s all worth it in the end.

With these tips, you’ve got the best chance of heading into your activity with a smooth ride that will only continue once you’re in your harness.