It’s the age-old battle of the world’s two most popular adrenaline activities (don’t look that up); bungy jumping vs. skydiving. Which is ‘better’? Which gives you more of a rush? While we’re not here to pick sides, we have been around in the adventure industry for over 35 years and have heard thousands of hot takes on the topic. From this, we know one important thing. 

Rather than asking which is better, it’s more important to consider where the activities differ and what this will mean for the individual personal challenge you’re looking for. There are a few key differences between bungy jumping and skydiving that you might not have thought about; let’s dive in! 

Jump style 

Although this can be the last thing on your mind once fear takes hold, if how and when you leap into your activity is important to you then this is one difference to note. 

Bungy jumping is typically a head-first swan dive where you end up dangling upside down. Also, you have to push past your fear and make the leap yourself once your toes reach the edge. 

Unless you’re a pro, skydiving will consist of being strapped to an instructor who ultimately makes the leap with you along for the ride. You can pull out, but once the door of the plane is wide open the pressure is off to make your way out. 


Bungy jumping leaves the challenge and jump style to you. Skydiving provides a helpful push off the edge. 


Some people want the thrills to last forever and some want it over and done with to begin the bragging rights as soon as possible. There can be a lengthy difference in the duration of a bungy jump compared to a skydive experience. A bungy jump has a short, fast freefall followed by a few rebound bounces that gives you an immediate adrenaline kick. 

Whereas a skydive is more drawn out from the anticipation of takeoff to the high, high freefall. Depending on the height of your skydive, you could be falling for as long as 60 seconds from 16,000ft before the parachute halts you into a smooth descent. 


Bungy jumping is short and sharp for an immediate adrenaline rush. Skydiving involves more freefall and a longer experience overall. 


The fear factor 

Over the years we’ve heard many people say that bungy jumping can be far more terrifying due to the brain being able to process how far from the ground they are. Compare this to skydiving where you’re so high that the scale is almost incomprehensible, like jumping into a landscape painting that doesn’t feel real and the exhilaration builds as you move through the experience. 

The level of adrenaline payoff you feel from a daring activity like bungy jumping or skydiving can be closely related to the amount of very real fear it makes you feel. For this reason, it makes sense that you may feel more of an adrenaline rush from bungy jumping if majority rules that invokes higher levels of fear. 


Bungy jumping is said to be more terrifying while skydiving is more exhilarating.

The support system

It wouldn’t be true bragging rights if there was no one around to brag to, right? How closely involved you want your support crew to be can be a big factor when comparing bungy jumping and skydiving. 

AJ Hackett Bungy jumping sites in New Zealand offer many opportunities for your spectators to get involved. From large viewing decks, comfortable spots to relax, and bookable seats on our bungy bus. Skydiving is a little different. Due to limited space in the plane, you’ll leave your spectators firmly on the ground where they’ll wait for you to land again. Skydiving gives you time to perfect your victory wave as you meet them on the ground at the end of your experience. 


Bungy jumping is ideal if you want your support crew with you every step of the way. Skydiving is good if you want to accomplish your challenge alone and reunite afterwards.


The views

Luckily for the sightseers, both bungy jumping and skydiving tend to operate in some of the most stunning regions of New Zealand. It’s how you experience the view that’s up to you. 

Bungy jumping offers a more personal look at the sites and locations dotted around New Zealand. Often you interact with both the natural world and man-made structures that bungy jumps are made to leap off. 

Skydiving is a far more zoomed-out look at your surroundings. Skydiving offers a bird’s eye view at high altitudes that few people get to see without the confines of a plane around them. 


Bungy jumping is an up, close and personal look at the landscape around you. Skydiving is a bird’s eye view from high above. 


If you’re choosing between booking a bungy jump or skydive, both the questions and answers lie within your individual goals and the badass adrenaline experience you’d like to craft for yourself. Regardless of your activity, jump style, view, or support crew, face the fear head-on and complete something you never thought you could. You don’t visit Paris and NOT visit the Eifel Tower – so you wouldn’t visit Queenstown without completing at least one Bungy!