Adult $195.00 (NZD)
Tandem $175.00pp (NZD)

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Nevis Swing – The World’s Biggest Swing


Nevis Swing – The World’s Biggest Swing

The Nevis Swing is not simply the biggest Queenstown Swing. It is not merely the largest New Zealand Swing. This is biggest swing in the whole world!

After being lifted out above the launch deck, suspended 160 metres above the canyon floor, you’re suddenly released and find yourself rushing towards the other side of the valley at 120kph, eyes wide open in disbelief or shut tight in fear.

You want to go upside-down? No problem. Backwards? Done. How about the Truck & Trailer? Some Ying & Yang action? Alone or with a friend? The Nevis Swing offers so many choices that you’ll be glad it leaves you breathless and hungry for more, so that you can try as many styles as your nerves can handle.

Still want more!? Upgrade to the Nevis Combo and enjoy not only the World’s Biggest Swing but also Australasia’s Highest Bungy!

Check out our Queenstown Deals and Combos page for more great offers and ways to upgrade and save!

Swing Stats:

  • The World's Biggest Swing
  • 300metre Arc
  • 120m rope length (That's longer than a rugby field!)
  • 160m above the river
  • Swing options: Forwards, Backwards, Tandem, truck'n trailer, 69, back2back, Honeymoon & much more.

What you need to know

Age: Min 10 yrs (Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult) Max 110 yrs
Weight: Min 35kg - Max 220kg
Clothing Requirements: PLEASE dress warmly. Even on the warmest of winter days you should take a jacket and wear multiple layers (long sleeves and long pants are recommended) since the weather on site can be very different to that in town.
Travel Time:
Allow 4 hours round-trip.
Medical Considerations:
Please read all medical considerations on our Safety page.


All prices include The Nevis Swing, Certificate and Authentic Nevis Swing Cap.

Adult: $195
Tandem Adult:
$175 (per person)
Child (10-14yrs):
Tandem Child (10-14yrs):
$125 (per person)
NZ Student*:
Tandem Student*:
$145 (per person)

* Must show a valid NZ Student ID at check in.

Location & Transportation

Supplied transportation is compulsory (allow 4 hours): The Nevis is located on private land and is only accessible by our 4WD buses. Buses depart the Station Building in the centre of Queenstown. Trips depart daily from 8.40am - 2.40pm. Check-in 30 minutes before departure.

Your Proof - Photos & Video

We capture state of the art photos and video footage for every Swinger so that you can take it home and show off to your mates. It's all bout the bragging rights!

General Photo and Video Products:

Photos Only - $45.00
Video Only - $45.00
Both Photos and Video - $80.00
Photos and Video + Online - $100.00

We have a range of consumable options which will be explained to you when you go onsite.  These vary per site given the technology installed.  They range from printed Photos, DVD, USB key and Online.  Please talk with our friendly crew when onsite of the best option for what you wish to do with your content.

If you wish to take a camera out to the jump platform, or you wish to jump with a camera attached to you, it needs to be safely secured to your person to ensure it cannot be dropped. Jumping with a camera is entirely at your own risk and ONLY at the discretion of the jump crew. The waiver you sign when checking in fully indemnifies AJHB of any loss or injury associated with you jumping with your camera.


The Nevis Swing is ideal for Spectators, The Launch pad has been specially designed for our Swinger's friends and family to get up close and personal. You even have the opportunity to control the swing’s release... a great group activity and fun for everyone.
Spectator $50


Non-refundable* or transferable.

* Refunds will only be given in the event that weather prevents a person from Swinging or person is deemed unable to Swing by our Operations Crew for medical reasons.


Safe?... We invented safe. We were the first in the world to be awarded the 'S' Mark for exceptional safety and quality assurance of our products.

Want the proof... we have an impeccable safety record with more than 1 million Jumps and Swings in over 20 years of business.

For more information check out our Safety page.