Curious About Safety?

Check out the safety video brought to you by our Jump Operations Team.

Fun fact: AJ Hackett Bungy has Jumped and Swung over 1 million people in over 26 years of business.

Safe... We invented safe. We were the first in the world to be awarded the ‘S’ Mark for exceptional safety and quality assurance of our products. Our professional crew and high standard of equipment, training schemes and procedures ensure that we will keep you safe. We’ve got the experience to back ourselves, with over 1.5 million Bungy Jumps and Swings in over 26 years of business!

Need more details... download our Safety Practices document that outlines our Key Safety Processes and Procedures, Code of Practice, Code of Compliance, Training and Onsite Safety in more depth.

Medical Considerations

We recommend all customers are well rested, hydrated and have recently eaten before commencing their activity.

Please inform our Bungy Crew if you have any of the following conditions (please note it does not necessarily prevent you from Bungy Jumping, Swinging or Zipriding): High or low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy (excluding photosensitive epilepsy – see note below), broken or fractured bones/dislocations, fragile skin, neurological disorders, diabetes, asthma, prosthetics, panic/anxiety attacks or recent sprains/muscular injuries.

If you are pregnant or have photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) unfortunately we are unable to allow you to jump or swing with us.  There are no exceptions.

Please note, if you have osteoporosis or scoliosis, or a recent concussion, we will require a doctor’s certificate from you, prior to Bungy Jumping.

In addition, please note that for safety reasons personal glasses cannot be worn on many of our activities, however prescription safety glasses are available free of charge at strengths -2,-3 and -4 and can be used on the below activities:

  • Nevis Bungy
  • Nevis Swing
  • Kawarau Bungy (Note: cannot be worn if entering the water)
  • Kawarau Zipride
  • Auckland Bridge Bungy (Note: cannot be worn if entering the water)

Personal glasses are permitted to be worn when experiencing the Auckland Bridge Climb however they do need to be safely attached by our crew and will do this on check-in for the climb


How a Bungy Cord is Made

An old school video on how we make Bungy Cords at AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand.

Downloadable Documents

Safety Practices and Procedures Document - 337.97 Kbpdf


Customer Hazard Register - 96.12 Kbpdf

Guidelines for Impaired Participants -457.87 KBpdf

Kawarau Bridge Bungy Waiver51.11 KBpdf

Kawarau Zipride Waiver -51.11 KBpdf

Nevis Bungy Waiver51.11 KBpdf

Nevis Swing Waiver -51.11 KBpdf

Ledge Bungy Waiver51.11 KBpdf

Ledge Swing Waiver51.11 KBpdf

Qualmark Endorsement.pdf -280.49 KBpdf

AJ Hackett Bungy NZ Brochure- Queenstown

Auckland Bridge Climb & Bungy Brochure