Things to Do in Auckland – The Auckland Harbour Bridge

The Auckland Bridge has an important place in the history of Bungy - New Zealand’s most iconic adventure activity - so if it’s not on your list of things to do in Auckland then you’ll be missing out on experiencing a stellar part of the Kiwi soul.

Auckland Bungy Jumping traces its roots back to 1987 when the activity was still “not technically legal” and AJ Hackett first jumped off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. He was promptly arrested and detained by the maritime Police but was happily released only hours later, so it didn’t put too much of a bump in his stride.

After taking over the existing Auckland Bridge Climb in 2003, the addition of the world’s first Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump was a natural complement, bringing Bungy Jumping’s colourful history full circle.

The Bridge Climb also provides a unique and historically significant experience, as it offers the only walking access over this Auckland icon, solidifying its “must-do” status in the catalogue of what to do in Auckland.

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Activities in Auckland - Auckland Bridge Bungy

Activities in Auckland

Auckland is home to the World's First Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump and is operated by the Bungy originals - AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand.

As part of the Bungy experience you'll enjoy an exclusive bridge walk out to the specially-constructed 'Bungy Pod'. It's here you'll build up the courage to leap out over the Waitamata Harbour.

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Attractions in Auckland - Auckland Bridge Climb

Attractions in Auckland

Only AJ Hackett Bungy NZ can offer you this level of access to the Auckland Harbour Bridge; a totally exclusive Bridge Climb, it's the only kind in New Zealand, complete with your own tour guide!

Lasting for 1.5 hours, this climb will have you wondering whether to look at your feet or focus on the spectacular views.

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Corporate Team Building Activities - Auckland Bridge Corporate Experiences

Auckland Team Building Activities

The Auckland Bridge Climb & Bungy provides the ideal setting and a variety of activities for any team building or conference groups, mixing together adventure and spectacular scenery together. The base is the perfect location to host your group before or after their activities.

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