Bungy Swing

Give yourself over to gravity on an intense rush through the open air. Visit the Nevis Swing – the World’s Most Famous Swing. Forwards, backwards, upside down or tandem with a friend – however you do it, the adrenaline rushes are next level. There’s also the Ledge Swing, high above the heart of Queenstown. Come for the incredible views, stay for the unbelievable rush. For something a little different, Taupō Swing is waiting. It’ll send you on an incredible ride right over the crystal clear Waikato River. Whichever swing you choose, you're in for a real thrill.


Taupō Swing

The only extreme swing on the North Island is perfect for those challenged by the idea of leaping from a platform head-first. The Taupō Swing is a feet-first freefall, mind-blowing rush. Ask for a countdown or a surprise (we’re not sure which is scarier).

North Island's only swing Tandem Option 44m Swing

Nevis Swing

It’s one of the biggest swings in the world, sending you down and out on a 300m arc. If you think this is easy, we look forward to hearing you scream.

300m Swing World Famous Tandem Option