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Influencer & Partnerships Policy

Living more and fearing less is part of our DNA and the cornerstone of all our experiences, and we love it when others want to showcase themselves doing just that – living more and fearing less.

It would be awesome if everyone could enjoy our activities but for some it’s simply not possible – because of trying times or their difficult situations, which is why our social media influencer policy is a little different from others.

To help support those people in need, we ask that as social media influencers, you pay the going rate for your experience with us, and in return we’ll gift the equivalent experience to a deserving local community organisation.

Pay for it, post it, help others – everybody wins!

The community groups we partner with are:
Queenstown – Wakatipu Youth Trust
Auckland – Reconnect
Taupo – Bluelight

Simply contact us, let us know what group you want to support – so we can pay it forward and we’ll organise the rest.