Thrilling Photo
&Video Collections

Pics or it didn’t happen.

You don’t want to have a life-changing experience without the pics or video to prove it. All of our experiences are unique, and we will capture every jump, swing, scream, and hell-yeah, then hand the bragging rights over to you when you’re back on solid ground.

Need help with photos & video? Check our FAQs or contact the team at [email protected]


Relive your moment of greatness over and over with an epic video. We’ll capture your experience from start to finish.

You can purchase your one edited video, which is professionally filmed from perspectives you won’t get from anywhere else – not even your mates on the viewing decks will capture your awesomeness like this.


A picture says a thousand screams, and our high-speed cameras capture multiple shots of the moment you decide to leap, swing or take off at full velocity. Upload to Instagram and show your friends and family what you’re made of.


We’ve got a talented crew behind the scenes, editing your videos and photos while you’re still buzzing from the experience. They’ll be working with footage and stills from cameras you might not have even seen. Understandably. You were a bit distracted at the time. Everything from shuffling to the edge, waving at the crowds, and screaming all the way down will be captured from the most epic angles possible.

We endeavour to take photos and videos of all our customers. However, due to the nature of filming and photography under adverse conditions (bad weather, technical issues, power outages, etc.) we cannot guarantee this.


  • What options are available for purchasing my photos & video?
    Your photos and video are currently available to purchase digitally only. We provide you with a link to our online portal with unlimited downloads and access. Meaning you can download your content onto your device, and whack it straight on the ‘gram! To find our current pricing and to purchase your photos and video, jump into our booking engine, choose your activity and select your photo & video package as an 'Add-On' at the end.
  • Can I purchase content from my activity at a later date?
    Yes! We keep all photos and videos for a few years (except Zipride P&V which is kept for 6 months). However, as our photo and video systems have been upgraded over time, you will need to check with us first to ensure we still have your media. Just flick us an email on [email protected] and tell us which activity you did and when you completed it.
  • Can I purchase my photos and videos before my activity?
    Easy! You can save time after your activity by pre-purchasing your photos & videos online. Simply hit BOOK, lock in your activity and add your photos & video at the end. You can also speak to our Crew when you check-in for your activity.
  • What size is my video?
    The size of your video will depend on which activity you are doing, how long you take on the edge, and how many cool-as-hell slow-mo replays we can fit in. The average is around 200mb per video
  • What size are my digital photos?
    Your activity photos average anywhere between 1-4 megabytes, depending on the photos composition and colour palette. Your photos are shot on Canon or Nikon cameras, depending on the site/activity, in medium, “normal” jpg format. They can be printed A3 and will look great! We cannot provide the RAW format straight off the cameras, as they are simply too large to process in a timely manner for the volume of customers we have.