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Air3 Combo – Taupō Bungy, Taupō Swing and Skydive


Add an exhilarating Taupō Swing experience to your Air2 Combo and have the most fun you’ve ever had high in the sky above Taupō’s stunning scenery and waterways. Freefall above the crystal clear waters of the Waikato River with both the Bungy and Swing to build up to the 45 seconds of freefall before your parachute opens and you take in the expansive views of Lake Taupō and beyond with Taupō Tandem Skydiving. It’s going to be a magical day!

All prices in NZD.

Adult $462


Taupō Swing
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  • AGE:
    Minimum 10 years old. Those 14 and under require an adult to sign consent at check-in.

    Minimum 30kgs. Maximum 180kgs total combined weight for tandem Swings.

    1 hour.

    Wear comfortable clothing and secure shoes. Winter can get very cold, so we recommend layering up and taking a jacket.

    Please read the medical requirements here.

    Let’s talk. If you don’t like talking, send us an email with a smiley face in it somewhere.
  • It is free for spectators to get amongst the awesome atmosphere at Taupō Bungy & Swing. Your friends and family can cheer you on from our viewing deck which overlooks the stunning Waikato River.
  • Taupo Bungy & Swing are located at 202 Spa Road in Taupō – on the North Island of New Zealand. Hop on public transport, hire a campervan, or carpool with some mates. There’s ample parking on-site however you decide to travel. We're open weekdays from 9:00am-4:00pm and until 5pm on weekends.
  • We invented safe!

    We have been throwing people off things since 1988 and we are very proud of our impeccable safety record. When you climb with AJ Hackett Bungy, you climb with the most experienced Bungy company in the world.

    Tell your SkyWalk Crew if you have high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, broken or fractured bones/dislocations, fragile skin, neurological disorders, diabetes, asthma, prosthetics, panic/anxiety attacks or any recent sprains/muscular injuries.

    Unfortunately, we can't permit anyone who is pregnant, or those with photosensitive epilepsy, to Walk. And if you have osteoporosis, scoliosis or a recent concussion, we'll need to see a doctor's certificate.

    Wear glasses for safety reasons? They may not be able to be worn. However, prescriptions safety glasses are available free of charge. You can check out more stuff about safety here.