Meet the Crew



Jump Master - Queenstown

I started working for Bungy fulltime in 2010, however I had worked a couple of summers on and off over the previous years while studying at Otago University.

The doors that my Jump Masters qualifications can open is one of the reasons I enjoy working here. Queenstown is an awesome place to live, work and play and this job gives all 3 of those things a big tick in the box.

If you’re afraid of heights, being a Jump Master probably isn’t for you. A happy medium of respecting the work environment but also being confident in what we deliver on a daily basis is what you need.



Jump Controller- Queenstown

In 1994, my time with AJ Hackett Bungy began, firstly in retail and then I moved into the Jump Operations Team.

I love what I do because of the people I meet. Our customers come from all parts of the world and it really does give me a buzz to help someone achieve a personal challenge, whether it be swinging or jumping.

My advice to anyone wanting to work in this role is to have a passion for customer service and be able to work well in a team. You can’t be childish in this role; however you can have childish fun!

Quinn aka Quinny


Jump Controller- Queenstown

Born and bred in Queenstown, but I started working at Bungy in Australia in 1994. I have since worked in 10 countries with Bungy and returned back home to Queenstown several years ago.

Big ‘likes’ for me about Bungy, and why I’m sure other people would like to work at Bungy as well:

  • Working with a very cool group of people (I like a big team) – every day is entertaining with them.
  • We work in amazing outdoor locations and it keeps you fit.
  • Our customers are all different and excited to be in a crazy head space before and after the jump.

My advice for someone wanting to work in Jump Operations is to be prepared to listen and learn. A lot of the tools of our trade are similar to other rope sports but used in a different way so don’t come with preconceived ideas on how this works – if anything, unlearn what you have already learnt.



Equipment Supervisor/Jump Controller- Queenstown

I build the bungy cords that everyone jumps on, as well as manage all our equipment. When I’m not busy doing that I help people jump off bridges.

I began in 2000, working in our photo and video department and then moved into Jump Operations.

Having been in Queenstown all my life I wanted to work in a company where I could be myself, have fun and get a wee bit CRAZY! This job allows me to enjoy everyday and have a career that allowed me to stay in Queenstown.

The team I work with is one of the reasons I enjoy my job, our customers and their reactions to our activities is another. The advice I would give to anyone wanting work in Jump Operations is go hard and have fun but at the same time be mature. You can have a laugh but if you don’t take it seriously then things probably won’t work out… our customers want to know the person standing behind them on the edge has their sh#! together! Ha ha ha.

Rob aka Robbo


Jump Operations Crew Manager – Queenstown

I manage all the Jump Opertaions Crew- their recruitment, training, performance and all the other stuff that comes along with running a team.

I began my time at Bungy in 2002. I was looking for seasonal work, enjoyed the environment, and one thing led to another – numerous years on and I’m still loving it!

The job is enjoyable because of the people I work with and the people I meet – everyone is interesting and helping both crew and customers achieve their personal goals is hugely rewarding.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to work as an Operations Manager is to learn patience, be open-minded and ready to listen well.



Jump Operations Supervisor - Auckland

2005 is when I discovered my ‘Bungy calling’ and now, 8 years later, I am the Jump Operations Supevisor for the Auckland team.

Know me before you judge me, and my team know me well! That’s why I love my job. I can be myself and not have to pretend or fake my behaviour (I have never faked anything!)

Lets see… what advice can I give someone looking for a career with AJ Hackett Bungy… wear a tight vest and leopard print pants to company social events, it worked for me! You have to be able to laugh at yourself and not get all nuclear when someone takes the piss out of you. We are a fun company to be part of but when its game time you must be able to put on your game face and do the job well – a mature balance of both is what’s important.

Leighton aka L1


Jump Master / Photo & Video Supervisor - Auckland

I started in 2005 and have dual roles within the company.

My job is awesome because of the team I work with in Auckland and the variety I have within my roles.

My advice to anyone wanting to join our team in Auckland is to be professional but personable. We are a very tight group and our team is more like a family than work mates, so fitting in is really important.

Leighton aka L2


Jump Master and Rally Driver (Transport) - Auckland

I started in the Bungy business on 27th Feb 2006 as an innocent 18 year old, in every role this company offers! That's right, I'm that talented! Years later I became less talented, and probably less innocent too, so they found me most useful in the Jump Ops department, so that's where you see me now.

Throwing people off a bridge is a very satisfying job! Not only do you meet new people from Albania, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan (yes, that is a country), oh and Sweden - can't forget the Swedes, they find it somewhere in their hearts to trust you with their life! And you have only just told them your name. Brilliant! Plus I've found myself on TV in America, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, England, and NZ numerous times. I'm world famous!

My advice for those wanting to be an elite member of the Hackett Bungy Club is to have the right attitude and a 'choice' personality.Listening and a strong focus is vital - AJ Hackett Bungy has a 100% safety record with our customers and we like to keep that going. If you do make it through the Hackett Boot Camp, then congratulations, you have made it in life! I hope you remember your first day at the Ledge Bungy as well as I do... it was awesome!!