Nevis Bungy

134 metres

The Nevis Bungy

  • New Zealand's Highest
  • Jump from a highwire cable car 134m
  • Massive Ground Rush - 8.5 seconds
  • Private Mountain Access Road - 4WD ONLY
  • Includes Free Jumper T-shirt

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Kawarau Bridge Bungy

43 metres


  • World home of Bungy! Est. 1988
  • Bob above the water, touch it or get fully dunked!
  • Share the Thrill - Queenstown's ONLY tandem Bungy
  • Free Transport Available
  • Includes Free Jumper T-shirt

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The Ledge Bungy

47 metres


  • Freestyle Bungy
  • Twist, flip, dive
  • Night Jump in Winter
  • Choose from our Jump Menu - 10 choices!
  • Waste no time - 1 Hr Round Trip
  • Includes Free Jumper T-shirt

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Auckland Bridge Bungy

40 metres


  • NZ's Only Ocean Touch
  • Equipped to offer EVERY Bungy option - ankle tie, harness jump or tandem!
  • Include Exclusive Access to the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Includes Free Jumper T-shirt

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Nevis Swing

The World's Biggest Swing


  • Swing in a massive 300m Arc!
  • 120m rope length (that's longer than a rugby field!)
  • 160m above the river
  • Swing options include: Forwards, Backwards, Tandem, Truck'n trailer, 69, Back2back, Honeymoon
  • Includes Free Nevis Swing Cap

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The Ledge Swing

400 metres Above Queenstown


  • Swing out 400m above Queenstown
  • Must release yourself!
  • Experience the craziest views as you Arc out towards the Remarkables
  • Open late in the winter - so you can swing in the dark!
  • Only 1 hour round trip from the heart of Queenstown

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Auckland Bridge Climb

360° Views


  • 1.5 hour up an over the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Enjoy extensive commentary on Auckland and the surrounding areas
  • Experience Auckland's most iconic landmark
  • Custom engineered walk-ways
  • Safe, enjoyable and easy-going

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Kawarau Zipride

Cruise Alongside the Kawarau River


  • Appealing to all ages and abilities
  • Three 130m zip lines that cruise along the Kawarau River at speeds of up to 60kmph
  • Ride solo or tandem
  • Enjoy a leisurely ride back to the starting point

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